Our team

Dr. Susan Müller-Wusterwitz

Art conservator, art historian, and proprietor of DigiKultur. She has been developing and producing digital information and guide systems for museums since 2003.

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Dipl.-Päd. Nikolaj Müller-Wusterwitz

Cultural studies professor, with an emphasis on adult learning and ethnology. He concentrated on exhibition design and museum pedagogy while curator of the Bismarck-Museum in Friedrichsruh. Main area of work: the pedagogic design of DigiTours.

Anja Preiß M.A.

Art historian. In exhibition projects and publications, she was dedicated to early Christian and Middle Ages art. In the DigiKultur team, Anja Preiß is responsible for research, text creation, and editing. Main areas of work: Christian archaeology and art of the Middle Ages.

Ingrid Exo M.A.

Trained copy retoucher. Study of art history with an emphasis on the Modern (methodical focus on iconography). For DigiKultur, she reads the picture as text and the text to the picture. Main area of work: text editing (German and Italian).

Rod McKendrick

Systems analyst; studied psychology, philosophy, and computer technology at Hunter College, New York. Worked with main frame computers in the USA, in England, Scotland, Switzerland, and Germany. Main areas of work: Web development and editing (English).